Sunday, May 1, 2016


Wearing Monki jacket, Topshop lace bralet and gold midi

THANK YOU LABOUR DAY, so relieved we've still got one extra rest day. Will be in bed binge watching show, if anyone's curious. Here's the last of the girls-laze-at-home series, shot by Kristie. This series makes a pretty good explanation as to why I'm frequently late. Okay, I lied about this being my last outfit in a jacket for a while, this is the last. 

Can we just talk about the music releases this week??? Beyonce's Lemonade and Drake's Views in the same frickin' week, when I open my iTunes now, I spend a good 30 seconds deciding which album to go for. Group chats with my friends have been going crazy all week, sending each other articles on speculations on who "Becky with the good hair" could be. If you're interested, I read a pretty good article explaining how majority of the internet missed the significance of the already iconic line. With no word from Bey herself, I'm still not sure how true this is but it's an interesting opinion to consider, nonetheless. You can read it here.

Hope everyone's doing well!

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